Alpaca Equipment for Sale

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Cart to move alpaca
Alpaca Scale
Back end of restraint
Bowl Feeders
Catching canes
Collapsible hay bale feeder
Fleece blower to take dust out
Fleece Sorting Table
Front of restraint
Hand fleece clipper
Hay feeder to hang on panel
Large bale feeder with adjustable side
Mineral block feeder
Mineral block feeder
Scale digital read-out
Tilting hay feeder
Tilting hay or ration feeder
Tilting shearing table
Trough alpaca feeder
Tub feeder
Tub feeder on wheels
Tub hay feeder with divider
Baby Display Pen


Our products are all available at the Golden Willow Natural Fiber Store, located at 3104 13th Avenue, Regina SK. Give them a call at 306-791-1930, or visit their website at